Season Mackerel

Mildly Flavorful. Wildly Nutritious.

If you want all the nutrition of the mighty sardine but prefer a milder flavor, Season mackerel fit the bill. Less tangy but still packed to the gills with high protein, vitamins, and Omega-3s, our mackerel fillets are the best in the world. Taste for yourself and try them today.

A Guilt-Free Tuna Alternative

People often compare the flavor of mackerel fish to fresh tuna. Unlike tuna however, mackerel fillets are lower in mercury and more sustainably sourced. That makes them the perfect, guilt-free alternative. Plus, their delicate flavor and texture makes them just as versatile as tuna. Our skinless and boneless mackerel go with almost anything, giving you plenty of room for improvisation. (You can also find full recipes below.)

  • A plentiful variety that’s consumed worldwide
  • One of the purest sources of fish protein
  • Low in mercury, PCBs, and contaminants
  • High in calcium, iron, potassium, and vitamin D

For Season, “Holy Mackerel” is a Mantra

We have all due reverence for the sanctity of our seas and planet, and know you do too. That’s why our mackerel fish are wild caught in the Atlantic off the Moroccan coast with maximum sustainability in mind. Our methods ensure the least amount of disturbance to the ocean and surrounding ecosystems. You can feel good knowing the food you and Season bring to the table is more than delicious and nutritious. It’s also sustainable and responsibly sourced. You wouldn’t expect anything less, and we wouldn’t dare fall short.

boat and sea where canned mackerel and other canned fish may be sourced